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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hobby Lobby Treasure Hunting - Decorating my house

We bought our home almost 2 years ago. We did move with a lot of belongings, and were able to have the house decorated (mostly) upon our move. But, you know, new home - new decorating possibilities - - right?

I am very picky about decor items I pick. I can't pick something unless I am sure that I will be able to live with it for a long time. I don't want to put something on my wall, or coffee table and think a month later - I do not love this.

So - finally, last Saturday Klay and I were walking through Hobby Lobby - and I found not one, but two pieces that I just adored.

The first thing was the Wall Plaque - it has a distressed red finish, two iron baskets, five hooks across the bottom, and two hooks on the sides. We have put this in our kitchen on the wall adjacent to the island. Our kitchen island became the burial ground for paperwork - I had a pile of mail and things that I needed to keep an eye on - and then Emry gets a million things home a day - some of which I need to keep. I just couldn't deal anymore. Also - Our car keys needed a home. The cute little hooks on the bottom have ensured that I have not lost my keys all week. If you have cats, you know how it is - the love the jingle sound - and my keys go missing quite often.

The second thing I found was the Chalkboard Ad - it is also distressed and has a turquoise and white frame with faux black and white chalkboard-style artwork. I love the chalkboard look, I think it is classy and vintage. It also is a great way to remind Emry of the bathroom rules. Little boys - boy oh boy - do they purposely forget the bathroom rules!

Both of these were on super sale - and I couldn't have been more happy about it!

And now - I feel I have broken the seal on new decor purchases - However, I did pass up one thing at Hobby Lobby - and I am still kind of reeling from it.  

This was on sale from 34.99 - It stood about 3ft (at most) high, and the drawers were of decent depth. I loved it - I coveted it - however, I couldn't see where I would use such a thing. I mean - It was too large to sit on a coffee table, and too short to be a side table. And I'm still disappointed that I didn't buy it. It has such charm. Meh - it's still there when I go back, it's meant to be... But, I still can't imagine where I would put it!  

What about you? Do you have a love/hate relationship with Hobby Lobby - as in: you love to be there, but hate how much stuff you want to buy?


  1. I like the two things you picked out! I am the same as you, I take a long time decorating because I want to find something I absolutely love for long term. Our house is still bare in many areas because of this. Love Hobby Lobby! I get a lot from there! Especially picture frames!

  2. The book drawers are so neat! I don't have a hobby lobby near me, but I'd be there all the time if I could! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I get you on this topic. We had a major house disaster last fall (as in our house fell in a hole major disaster). Happily we were able to salvage it and move back in after 4 months and a week. I still do not have it properly decorated because I'm terribly picky. I want to purchase things I'll like for a while and not for five minutes. We've been back in since Dec. 20th but I just found curtains for my kitchen yesterday. Oh and Hobby Lobby.....I always go and look and drool and then say screw it. I figure I can make the stuff I like in there instead of buying it. xo Amanda

  4. Those book drawers are cool but I can't think of anything that I could/would do with them. Probably because I am living in my small condo now and there's not room for much.

    I also like the pics you guys got. I love good finds!

  5. I love all of those chalkboard signs. I need some in my house.

    I'm a terrible decorator. It's why my house has almost nothing except family pictures on the walls.