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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Recipe - Work Stress Unlocked - Bus Stop - Jergens

Today I want to talk to you about my:

Korean BBQ Beef Stew yes - I show you how to make your very own Korean BBQ sauce! It really is a simple dish - however, if you are super busy, and just don't have the time to make a sauce, I can recommend Campbell's Slow Cooker Sauces. It tastes very similar to my recipe - it is just ready to go - the only difference is, you are getting a few extra calories, and lots of extra sodium. And since we are using soy sauce to begin with, that is a huge deal. SO - it's up to you as to which sauce you want to use! Please feel free to pin this - and share it around. I love a good, mostly healthy, low maintenance dish! This is what we are eating in my house for the week, whether it be lunch or dinner. You can serve it over rice/quinoa/barley/bulgur, eat it on it's own or even place it over a bed of crisp romaine lettuce! There is limitless possibilities! stress of work yesterday has been alleviated, for now. I do see the problem resurrecting, because in my opinion, we didn't point out the error that was being seen. So, just telling someone "please review the document" - is a little condescending in my opinion, but I just complete the document - I am not the one that sends it out. Ah - the chain of command working so effectively! *sarcasm*

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. It was 75 degrees by time I got home last night, so I decided that it was National "Go out for $3.49/small Hoopla Sundaes!" I took a picture of it - but, alas, I had eaten all of it before the picture was taken. Total Blogging Fail - I know.

Today is sort of hazy - however it is supposed to be just as warm today - so I am totally ready to skip out of here - and enjoy the warmth. I, also need to mention - that the Moose, my Alaska Jane - hates the warm weather - It's not even here a week, and she's already a drooly mess. Poor girl, we are going to have to get her a little buzz cut some time soon!

This morning my husband sends me a picture of Alaska riding in the car - up to the bus stop to get our son on the bus. 1) She loves the car 2) She loves the car and 3) She needs to see where Emry is going. When it gets warmer I am hoping hubby will walk her up the hill - instead of the three of them slammed in his Mitsubishi Lancer. Such a sight!
this would be awful!
I am pleased to report that I picked up the Jergen's Natural Glow - 3 days to glow - Moisturizer, and it is really doing it's job. My legs are already matching my arms, and it's only the 2nd day. I am thinking that I may be able to get an all over healthy glow by time Lissa's wedding hits. Yay for small victories. But, I need to say, that like all of these tanning creams - you need to make sure you apply it evenly. Because I do have a mild streak on my calf. Not horrible, I'm sure it will even out tomorrow - but - you know - don't want to look like a streaky Oompa Loompa.

That's all I have for today - What are you up to today? What do you think of the recipe? 


  1. Yay Korean BBQ def checking this out! I've always wondered if that Jergen's lotion works, looks like I should give it a try!

  2. Thanks for sharing the recipe - i make something similar but this sounds really good!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Mmmm korean beef sounds delicious! I love the picture of the moose in the car :) I have been toying with whether I want to go the Jergens route or order Sun products from online. Decisions decisions!