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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Slow Cooker Corned Beef Marinade

Every since St. Patrick's Day - Emry and Klay have been asking for corned beef. I mean, can you blame them? I always need a second week of corned beef - it's just so good.

I didn't want to be as traditional as I usually am though - And, it's easier to make it in a crock pot, so I wanted a sauce/gravy/marinade that would help to tenderize the meat, while adding lots of yummy yummy flavor.

I used a particular stout for this marinade/gravy - But, I believe any dark beer will really do the trick. I wanted the sweetness for the cherries, and the slight bitter from the Chocolate... But, an oatmeal stout could also add a nice flavor.

And, I know, you are seeing a SEASONING PACKET, but, quite honestly - It really binds it together, and was a quick and easy thing to pick up. You could also get some cornstarch, powdered beef bouillon and your own seasoning concoctions - this was just easier for me.

Do you feel the away about certain Holiday Meals? Ones that need to be recreated multiple times a year?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh my husband would love this recipe!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. If the recipe uses beer as a marinade then it just has to be good. Science!

  3. I have another corned beef sitting in my freezer! My kids love the stuff and I bought a second one when they were on sale near St. Patrick's Day! This recipe looks great.....was wondering if there's salt in the seasoning packet, since the corned beef tends to be salty already.