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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday - Bedtime Thoughts - Bridesmaid Queries night, right before I walked Alaska, Emry asks me if he could sleep with me again, and I said sure - that after his shower, he should go lay in his bed, and when I got home from walking Alaska, that I would tell him to move on over. My reasoning was that I could get in from the rain and change out of my wet clothes - without my son being in the room. I was out walking Alaska for about an hour, and when I went back to check on Emry - he was already out like a light. He must have been so exhausted from not getting any sleep on Sunday night. So, I left him. I actually went to bed last night - I realized how big a queen bed is, when you are all on your lonesome. I tried to remember if I felt this way before Klay and I were together. If I really thought the bed was so big for just one person. And, I can't remember a time from the past - when I felt that way. It made me smile a little, because to me, it proves that our love is special... I then wondered if he felt the same way sleeping at the hotel he is at right now. only thing I do like about sleeping alone, is when I get up - I make the bed. I make the bed the way I like it made, and so it looks purtiful. Klay pulls up the sheets, it's not like he leaves the covers in a ball or anything, but, since he's the last one out of the bed - it's never all put back together when he makes it. Men just don't understand., I have this mini mountain of paperwork I have to proof read - and another mini mountain of paperwork I have to transpose. It's an interesting time of the year, and from what I can tell - starting next week - my work load is going to increase exponentially until about the 9th. God willing, only until the 9th.

Last night, I also tried on the bridesmaid dress for Lissa's wedding, just in case that it needed to be taken in (or let out) for any reason - and Thank The Gods - It fits, wonderfully! - the top is a little big around the boob area, but, I know that once I put that weird strapless pseudo-corset dress bra on - it will fit just perfectly. Now, I just have to figure out what I am doing with my hair. Let me show you the picture of the dress from David's Bridal:

The shoes are silver - and are these strappy heeled sandals that I borrowed from my SIL. The whole feel is sort of Grecian, if you ask me. The other bridesmaids have short hair, so Lissa has asked if I could pull mine up, just so we flow as a group. This means I get to wear a big pair of sparkly earrings. Duh! But, how to wear my hair is the question... Here are my thoughts:

Yes my thoughts are via a board - It's just easier to compile things - and then have several times to go back and look at them. If you notice, I have to views of an Olsen Twin - it's my favorite of all of them. Which one do you like? 
I plan on bringing my extensions with me to my hair appointment - just incase I don't have enough hair to do it with. hahahaha!

That's all I have for today - Time to get some work done.

But - just for you: T-Rex Funnies (because why not)


  1. When my husband travels I always think the same thing - like the bed is so big but I have to say I usually stick to my side anyway LOL! xo, Biana- BlovedBoston

  2. Chris never makes the bed. Ever. And he is usually the last one I always have to go behind him and make it. The T Rex funnies made me laugh :)

  3. I used to be the same way with making my bed look pretty but then I realized I was just gonna mess it up again. And at first it didn't bother but eventually I got more and more lazy. It still looks nice but not like it used to. Yes, you are missing your hubby for sure! It's a good thing - it means you luv the crap outta him :)

  4. The bridesmaids dress is cute! I love the idea of some sort of braided undo with it.