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Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend - Crafting - Bacholerette Shower

This weekend feels like the longest weekend in the history of time. There was so much to do, and not so much time to do it. night - I picked up Emry, and we quickly ran home and changed for the B4G volunteer thing. We had to hit the grocery store before hand, because I was providing the snack for the group. Yes, I volunteer 2 hours for this, and I shelled out my own $$$ to provide a healthy snack for 20 people. Yeah, I'm not sure how I feel about it. When picking the snack, I tried to give a range of things - a sweet snack (Apple slices and 1 Tbsp PB), savory snack (carrot sticks and hummus), quick and easy snack (cheese stick). Now when it came to the beverage, I knew a lot of the ladies were "soda addicts" and I know the one thing that got me over my soda addiction was flavored seltzer. So, I picked up a couple bottles of Polar brand seltzers. I chose pomegranate, raspberry lime, orange vanilla and black cherry. Overall the snack was well received, and I was glad that everyone enjoyed it. Afterwards we stopped at the diner for a quick bite - and then onward to bed.

Saturday - Klay cleaned the entire house while I prepped the bags for the Bridal Shower. My friend, Lissa, is very active in martial arts, and thus named her Bridal Party the "Wedding Ninjas". So, I decided that (mostly) everything in this bag had to be "ninja" themed. I made cute hang out t-shirts with a funny "Wedding Ninja" graphic and on the back was each name in Korean. I put labels on bottles of water for "Ninja Juice", and a package of Dark Chocolate Covered Pom Seeds for "Ninja Fuel". I also made little charms for each person in the bridal party - and Lissa's got a bead for each of us, represented by our favorite colors. In Lissa's bag, I also put a "Fashion Emergency Kit" - which is complete with all the necessities. 


After that I went to the mall, and I tried on each dress at Forever 21. Which one did I pick from Friday's post? Well - actually, none of them. I found a better one! I loved the look of it, and even though it was a tad long - I know that I will get a lot of use out of it. 

I then went grocery shopping, and then found the most beautifully vibrant bedspread. I had to get it. 70 bucks from Walmart, not lying - it's so soft and comfortable. Don't you love the colors? After I got home, I took the Moose on a long walk in the warmth. Met up with Klay and Emry at the park... and then we had Chicken Salad on top of Arugula with clementines, blueberries, cherry tomatoes and red onion. I found a new salad dressing by Kraft - Lime Vinaigrette. SO tasty - go try it out!

Sunday - I was up at the crack of dawn to walk the moose, and get her brushed. I prepped my food for the week - packed to go to the Bridal Shower - Helped my husband pack for his business trip (he'll be back on Wednesday evening) - and then ran to the bank - stopped at Starbucks, because a B2B on her Bridal Shower deserves her favorite drink! And got to her house in time to let her drink it up before we left. 
The MOH had just had major surgery (elective - but still major) - so I drove. We met Laura, the other bridesmaid at the half way point, which was lunch at this amazing restaurant - Gilded Otter. I had a bunless Asian Salmon Burger, and a glass of their smoked porter. I wish I had taken a picture, but we were all enjoying the weather on the patio. 
From there, we went up the mountain, to Mohonk Mountain House - - yup, where I got married! -- and we took Lissa for a complete SPA day. 80 minute massages, dips in the mineral pool - sunning out on the porch (because it was legit 72 degrees out!) and then to an amazing fancy dinner.

 Let me talk about dinner specifically - I had a Monkfish picatta - that was out of this world and for dessert I had a Chocolate Decadence Torte - that was so light, and airy - that the chocolate had flavor I didn't know possible. Seriously, it was that good. TOO good. 

We enjoyed every minute - even though the poor MOH, well - probably should have stayed home, she was clearly (and verbally) uncomfortable the entire time. But, that's all I'll say about that.
I was home by 10p, and had to walk Alaska - since my dad couldn't. He didn't time my husband's departure, Emry's bedtime and the Moose walk correctly. It wasn't a big deal, I needed time to decompress from the weekend.

But, here is the sad part about this post - when I was going to bed, I checked in on Emry... just to tuck him in and kiss him goodnight - and he was still awake. He was sad that Klay had gone away for his business trip - and just missed that he wasn't in the house. How sweet is that? So, I told Emry he could curl up in bed with me, and lay on Klay's pillow. That seemed to help calm him, and not going to lie - it's been awhile since I have snuggled my son.

Here I am now - it's Monday, I'm exhausted at work. But, you know what - - It was an EPIC weekend. 

How was yours?


  1. I love the dress you went with and you'll definitely get a lot of wear out if it! My sister's kids always sleep in the bed when my BIL is away on business - it's too cute!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. You were a busy bee this weekend, lady!!! I love the dress that you picked! Sounds like the volunteering and the bridal shower went well, except for a certain complainer...there always has to be one! I had to LOL at the say nothing ecard. Hope you have a great week!

  3. looks like a grea weekend! HAHA i LOVE wedding ninjas!