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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Weekend - Easter - Food - Meh - Crushed

So this morning, is basically the start of my week. Yes, I know I said I did not have "Easter Monday" off from work - but, I stayed in bed and on the couch all day. If I get enough guts to do it - I'll explain later on in the post.

I am growing ever curious of what Authentic Weather is going to tell me as the weather starts to get warmer. I mean, seriously, how can you bad mouth the warmer weather? Today, started with this little diddy. And I'm not going to lie, when I read it, I almost rolled over in bed and called in again. I mean - it has to be a sign, right? But, that paycheck, you know, it calls to me. 

This weekend started out really wonderful. Friday, went really quickly - I got up, and out of the house by 8:30a. I got all of the grocery shopping and Easter basket shopping done by 1030am. This gave me enough time to unpack the groceries, start a stew in the crockpot, build and hide the Easter Baskets - and eat. I picked Emry up from Boys and Girls Club around noon - and then dropped him off at his BFF's house for their second playdate (uh, I mean, "hangout" session). I then went to Old Navy and Victoria's Secret to do a little shopping. I picked Emry up around 4p, and we waited for Klay to get home from work so that we could go see Furious 7. 

Furious 7 was a hysterical and fun ride. Not an amazing award winning  piece of cinematography. But, it was certainly fun to watch. We opted to go to the discount theater across town, since they show first run movies at a fraction of the cost. For $30 we were able to see the movie, plus Emry got a Large Popcorn and Sprite. We would have doubled that price if we had seen it in the mall theater. I have never had a problem at the discount theater. Ever. This time, was a little different.

The theater is packed. I mean, there were only a few seats open here and there. This guy comes in and sits one seat away from me - right before the lights go down, and at first I didn't notice anything. About a third of the way through the movie, he starts fidgeting. A lot. He begins to play with the seat that is open between us. And his hand is practically touching me. So now, I am paranoid, I shift my weight away from him - and I put my purse in my lap. I had this weird feeling he was trying to steal my wallet or phone. That is seriously how ALL OVER the place he was. So, he calms down a bit, after I shot him the dirtiest look ever. But, still, I could tell there was something off about this guy. He was twitching, and fidgeting - and just acting.... well.... High as a kite. The movie ends, the lights come up - and then I couldn't believe what I saw. look at this loser, who made my movie experience less than pleasant, and he is still seated, opening up this little plastic bag of white powder. Please - re-read what I just wrote. And yes, that is EXACTLY what I saw. I lost my shit. I'm not even going to sugar coat it. I lost my shit. I grabbed Emry and pushed Klay out of the theater. I alerted an attendant. And we left - as quickly as physically possible. While we were getting in the car - I saw this guy STUMBLE out of the main door of the theater. And it took every last piece of energy for me not to scream at him - or even worse - kick the ever loving crap out of him. I mean, there were lots of children in the theater. How freaking stupid? And - I am a sensitive person to these things - as I have been in recovery for a long time. But, I didn't do anything else. We drove home.

We picked up a couple pizzas from Pizza Hut - and just continued on our night. My friend Glenn came by and we chatted for awhile. I didn't allow the stupidity at the theater to ruin an entire evening. 

Saturday was a busy morning spent with house cleaning, and waiting for SafeLite to fix my windshield. But, by mid afternoon - the busy had died down. So, Klay and I decided that we would go out for a romantic dinner, and then go for coffee at Tin Kettle.

We decided to go to Culinary Creations over by the Orange County Airport, because I have heard such amazing things about it. Now, let me explain something - when you pull up to this restaurant it is ON the airfield. Literally, at first glance you think: We are going to eat HERE? But, it isn't like that at all. The venue is beautifully decorated - and we sat in this awesome booth that had beautifully draped curtains on either side, and a crystal chandelier above us.
We started out with the Peanut Duck Wings - which are 4 crispy duck drummettes glazed in a peanut sweet chili sauce. They were cooked perfectly, the skin was crispy without being overly oily. The sauce was light and the flavor was exquisite. For dinner I had the Cherry Lamb, which was grilled lamp chops served with brie mashed potatoes with a cherry port reduction. Klay's dinner was the Veal Short Ribs which were so tender! They were braised and baked in a kale cassolotte served with mashed potatoes. We were drooling, both dishes were fantastic. The dessert menu was so enticing - however we opted to take some of their homemade chocolate truffles to go. So that we could enjoy them with out coffee.

Tin Kettle was amazing, as it was the last time that I went. Klay loved watching the siphon brew our coffee - and we were only able to eat 2 of our truffles (even though we had bought 12). The owners were both there, as was their adorable 2 year old daughter. We spent the next couple of hours chatting with them, and enjoying the laid back atmosphere. 
Sunday, Emry woke up at 6:48am (yes, that was the exact time) - to find that the Easter Bunny had indeed came - and boy oh boy was he thrilled with his basket! I walked Alaska, and then we all proceeded to get ready to drive down to the Christening in Long Island. The drive down wasn't awful - the ceremony was beautiful - Emry got to love and smoosh his little cousin - Our drive home only had one missed exit and rerouting. - All in all, considering the travel, not an awful day.

But - I was distracted all of Sunday. And this had to do with the conversation I had with Klay during dinner on Saturday night. If you remember, there was a slim chance last month that I was pregnant. That Klay and I decided that if I were, that it would be wonderful. So, since we had that conversation - I thought, hey why does a baby (for us) have to be unplanned? I mean, seriously, if we would be happy about it - let's just throw caution to the wind and just say - We are going to try and have a baby. 

I brought this up while we were at Culinary Creations. I asked him what he thought about us trying
And, I watched his face just distort. He couldn't even make eye contact with me. He started to breathe funny. So - I knew what the answer was. So - I told him to forget it, act like I never said anything. That mentioning it was a stupid idea.

I am crushed. I am utterly crushed. Why would it be okay if it were unplanned and not if we just said we were going to try? I could barely connect with my little niece on Sunday. I could barely make eye contact with my husband. 

And I know he didn't mean to hurt my feelings. I know he was caught off guard.

So Monday, I just stayed home - and I cried. I'm not even going to lie - I cried. The thing is, I should have known better - I shouldn't have even wanted to have that conversation. I just pushed too hard - and that's my fault. 

And, I felt so stupid about it.

Klay and I had lunch together on Monday - and he finally dragged it out of me. And I just kept telling him how stupid I was. How stupid I felt. And, that I just shouldn't have even wanted it. He told me how I felt was not stupid, and I could see how bad he felt for the situation.

It still doesn't matter though. I know where we stand on the issue now. And, I just need to move on.
Tomorrow, I'll go back to the gym, and just move forward, and be happy for what I have. 
That's all I can do. 


  1. HUG. I'm sorry. I might be able to explain the "it's okay if it happens, but let's not try" idea. Let me know if you want that perspective. (And this was from my side too)

  2. I cannot believe the dude at the movie theater?! WTF is wrong with people anymore?!?!? I am sorry about your conversation with Klay. When you respond back I will say more....

  3. Ah, the baby conversations. I've been there. I know you're hurting. Let me know if you want to talk.

    And holy hell, that guy in the movie theater! That is precisely why I loathe going to the movies.