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Monday, April 13, 2015

Short Weekend! I want a Do -Over!

Weekends are just too utterly short. And, this post is going to be, as well. I walked into a crazy morning, with my work (and accuracy) being called into question. So, I want to be prepared for the impending meeting.

Friday Night -
If you remember, a while ago, I helped at work with a group called Bod4God. It is a weight loss program that puts emphasis on your Spirituality. Using God as your strength when approaching the overwhelming task of losing your physical weight. Well, I have volunteered to help a coworker with the same type of group in her local church. I am doing the weigh ins - and just being her assistant. The only downside this time? The class is 2+ hours long, whereas when it was at work - it was an hour. My coworker is a really sweet lady - and I think she really appreciates my support - but 2 hours?

Saturday -
Since I was out at B4G until 9pm, I did the grocery shopping on Saturday. And I also did the housework. Emry had his friend over - and I made sure to pick them up a pizza on the ride home from the grocery store. Pizza took 30 minutes to make (even though the lady said 20), and when I got it home, there was enough cheese for 3 pizzas on it, and most of it had slumped off the pizza. Pizza was completely uncooked. Never EVER going back to that pizzeria - they've been slacking for awhile now - and this was really the last straw. $13 bucks for a medium pie - and it isn't even cooked right? UGH - nope nope nope. We had dinner from the Taco Place - and Klay watched Cosmos on Netflix - while I slept next to him. Really - nothing glamorous occurred.

Sunday -
Sunday was a lazy day until about noon. Then, I got dressed, and took Emry down to the ball field, so he could play with his friend (same one from Saturday - they have a bromance going) on the playground equipment. I walked Alaska to the field with us - and she loved all the people she could on the walk. I left Emry with his friends Mom - and they hung out for the rest of the day. With my sense of freedom - I went to Old Navy and redeemed all of my Super Cash. Snagged a really cute hat, and lots of other stuff that I didn't need. And I also got summer stuff for Emry and Klay! Total win.
 Sunday night we went out for BBQ with my dad. And I had raspberry chipotle smothered Ribs. So tasty. Just saying.

This week in food - I made a Korean BBQ Beef Stew in the Slow Cooker. I'll share pictures and the recipe tomorrow!

That's it - a short weekend!

Also - go on to my instagram and tell me who you think "wore it better!"


  1. I hope things are okay at work.

    One of my pet peeves is volunteering to do something based on the time commitment I'm told and then it winds up being way longer. I feel mislead and taken advantage of. Though I still do it. So there's that.

  2. I can't wait for that BBQ stew recipe - sounds delicious! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. hold on 2 hours?! what in the world do they do for 2 whole hours?? Also raspberry chipotle smothered Ribs - PLEASE !!!!

  4. Ugh work on Mondays. Boo!

    So ummmmm raspberry chipotle smothered ribs sound amazing. AMAZING. And so does your korean beef stew recipe :) Hope you have a great week!