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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Alaska Jane the Moose Pyrenees

A rescue dog's journey doesn't necessarily end once they find their furever home. Alaska Jane Moose has worked her way into our home and hearts since January.

We went for her second vet visit this past Friday morning and we covered a lot of ground during this visit:

  1. Alaska has been cleared, and no longer has Heart worms. This was a long process, and now we just need to continue to give her the preventative medicine. This means that we are free and clear to start taking her on long hikes and getting her thoroughly exercised.

  2. Alaska has gained another 5lbs and is now a whopping 112lbs. Even with her new haircut, she looks so filled out and strong. We couldn't be more happy with her physical appearance. And another note about her haircut - It has been 15 days since we got Moose shaved down for the summer, and her primary coat is already making a comeback. Even though I have gotten mixed (very vocal) opinions on whether or not this is appropriate for a large dog - I am still happy that I have done this. The weather has been hot and muggy - and she hasn't been panting up a storm - I know she is comfortable. And I think her fluffy tail is adorable.
  3. The one bad thing we learned, is that based on a very brief occurrence, that Alaska may or may not have epilepsy. It was a definitive diagnosis, based on an encounter that happened last Tuesday... Where Alaska lost her balance, and looked like she was passing out. The whole event took 2 minutes to start and stop - but still it scared the life out of us. The vet says that it could be epilepsy or asymptomatic syncope (aka: a one time fainting spell). He isn't sure, and we need to just keep an eye out for if it happens again.
  4. Due to her very sedated demeanor and lack of "bounce" - he has also determined that she may be in a constant state of discomfort, due to the lacking musculature in her rear legs. After clearing her bloodwork for any inconsistencies - she will now be starting a mild anti-inflammatory NSAID medication known as Rimadyl. In ten days if she shows improvement, we will keep her on it. However, if it does not show any improvement - we will start looking into her thyroid.

  5.  And then there is the gross part - It is very common for the Pyrenees breed to have impacted Anal Glands - We will have to continue bringing Alaska periodically to the vet to have them expressed. It's totally gross, but otherwise she is itchy and uncomfortable - and I can't allow that.

 Overall Alaska Jane Moose, or Miss Moose, is doing great - she is a part of our family, and we love her so. She is clearly becoming quite attached to us as well.

Adopting a dog from a rescue is so important please consider doing so if you are looking for a furry friend.

Because I really feel that she rescued us - not the other way around.

Rescued quote #5

Happy Tuesday friends!


  1. I'm all about shelter pets! ALLLLL about them.

  2. Awe, Alaska :) I am so happy that she is thriving in your home!!!

  3. one of my pups has to get her glands expressed sometimes. it. is. DISGUSTING!!!