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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#Confessions - Funnies
Today, there is this little tiny hill of work on my desk - this work, was dropped off right before I left yesterday afternoon. I am ignoring this work, because it is not pressing, and I do not feel like doing it. So - that's right work, stick it where the sun don't shine. #notprocrastinating #maybeitwilldisappear

I took a rest day from running this morning, 4 days of running with 1 day off - I think that is an acceptable schedule. And I know my legs and brain are thankful for this. #supersleepytoday #legswereburninglastnight night, we made it to the Astronomy thing where my husband works. The professor was my old physics teacher in High School! It was great to catch up, and listen to him lecture.  We got to use the high powered telescopes, learn about planets and constellations. We were able to see Venus, and Jupiter (plus 2 of it's moons)! Emry got bored/tired towards the end - but it was so worth it. We were home by 10p, and even though it was a school night, I think this was an extremely valid reason for him to stay up late. #parentingwin #somanystars

My stomach is super grumbly today - and I really am fishing for a snack. But, I have the power to obstain. #usetheforceJill #thedarksidehascookies

I just looked over at the tiny hill of work next to me - it hasn't disappeared yet. #wheresageniewhenyouneedone week, when I went grocery shopping, I did the worst thing a food shopper could ever do. I went to the store hungry. Thus, I came home with more crap than we usually buy. But not like chips - or cookies (well, not cookies, because the girl scout cookies are totally in my house) - but I bought Johnsonville Frozen Burgers stuffed with cheese and bacon, Pierogies, Honey Mustard Wheat Thins, and then for sweet I grabbed the Granola covered Craisins. I mean, hormonal food choices perhaps. #nopenotpregnant #notevenclose #hangryfoodshopping was approached by another company to do a post on their product/site. So, I followed the great advice of Amanda from Meet @ the Barre - and sent them a letter telling them that I required some sort of compensation or product trial in order to write a post for them. I received a lovely "thanks but no thanks email" from the company - but it felt good to assert myself as a blogger. #dontworkforfree #bloggingwin #bloggingpride
So techinically today is my Thursday, and tomorrow is my Friday - Can't wait to have a 3 day weekend. And I can't wait for that 3 day weekend to be at the SPWF. Let me be honest, one of my favorite parts about this - is taking the bartisu workshops and seeing the lectures by Professor Mark Donnelly. I have an extreme may have a super crush, and my hubby totally knows about it. #fangirling #nottoproudtoadmitit #squeeeeee #myhusbandthinksthisisfunny
 Last year - I got to help during a workshop.. #whatahunk

And for the last 5 minutes, Lissa and I have been texting about food. Totally losing the battle with searching for a snack. #drinkallthewater

Well - I suppose it's time to start the actual work - but before I go.



  1. Going to the store hungry is the worst. I'll take 5 packs of bacon, some cheese dip and a few cookie mixes for the win please - eeek!

  2. The dark side DOES have cookies. #andtheyaredelicious

    Good job, asserting yourself. It's important to not get taken advantage of and, unfortunately, in the blogging world, lots of companies want you to promote them for free. It's frustrating.

  3. way to stand strong with that company!! i think that sometimes it could maybe be beneficial if what they want you to write about is something you'd be excited about and you're wanting to exercise your promotion/sponsor skills, you know? but for the most part.. just a waste of time!

  4. Going to the store pregnant is just as bad as hungry! I always have to try super hard not to by all the sweets, since I would just eat them all.

  5. Haha I totally know the feeling about the pile of work! I have one of those, for the "Just not now" type of issues.

  6. The astronomy thing sounds so cool and fun! I love looking up at the stars! Pierogies...mmmmmmmm!!!!!! Now that is food I can get behind. My great grandmother used to make them homemade all the time when I was little. and now my mom makes them for my sister and I every year for Christmas. It is my absolute favorite meal ever.