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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Confessions & Hashtags (5/20/15)

Here we are again - another Wednesday, and we are already 2/3 of the way through the month of May - I mean, when did that happen.

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See, the thing is, when I told you I was off on Friday, I truly thought I was - only to find out that our building is closing early. I will still be home before the rush of traffic, and that's still kind of awesome - but, color me disappointed #whyGAWDwhy #stupidwork

I follow quite a few blogs, and I always try to comment - But, I must admit, even though I am aware of the "click here to prove you are not a robot", I always forget to. #notarobot #justalittleforgetful #jeezlouise #bloggingproblems

I posted my pictures from SPWF, on my personal facebook page, and I have been getting a little flack from my boss. She says it's my "dark side" coming out. Which: 1) I find kind of disrespectful 2) think is rude and 3) seriously? It's just a little makeup. I'll give you it's weird, and a little different - - But because I put (albeit scary) makeup on, and dress up in a (really cool) outfit - doesn't mean I have a dark side. And being as which she knows nothing of my past, I really think it's wrong of her to label cosplay as a dark side, just because she doesn't understand it. #tryingtokeepmymouthshut #reallywanttoputherinherplace #peoplesaystupidshit

I have been making great strides into "getting back to healthy" - last week I ran (jogged quickly) 5 out of 7 days, and this week I have ran twice (so far), and gone to 2 TKD classes. I'm feeling pretty good, and am not overly pushing myself - so I know I'll be able to keep this going. #backtohealthy #stillreallywantallthefood #nocaloriesinsmellingdeliciousness

This weekend, we really need to get the house ready for the crazy upcoming summer. Get the clutter away, get the rest of the sticks off the grass, and get to all of those "I'll do it later" chores. My hopes is to get all of my winter stuff up in the attic, as well. #cleanfreak #cluttermakesmeitch

We are starting the process of getting a new patio installed, and even though we have saved the money to get it done - I am secretly afraid to drop this amount of $$$$ - because I know the second we do, something else is going to break in the house. #whenitrainsitpours #justwanttokeepallmymoney #scaredtospendanything #reallywantthatpatiothough #itsalmostbbqseason

That's all I got today - I'll leave y'all with some funny stuff!

 Dafuq?. 1 fat guy in lingerie, 2 umpa lumpa's at his side, 2 rabbits crying wat can you say. II I an l . olmali Mr 'is THE BEST PICTURE EVER This is it. This completely sums up what i think of when i think of /b/  

dafuq did i just read. . CAME had like the best night out ' WI‘ ' I 'lilli' and haning 'l! rall' i' mm haw ‘ that our rant an and have the ; ;. wtf is "root on" ????? were they drinking root beer or doing math? im so confused by this new generation of kids...pic related i think? mfw square roo


  1. I totally get what you're saying about being afraid to drop the money on the patio! It seems like there's always something to fix in a house and just when you get ready to spend a chunk on something fun, something not fun breaks! Ah the joys of home ownership! ;)

  2. I HATE THOSE I AM NOT A ROBOT BOXES. they're always in like, weird places + I forget to click them all the time because I don't see them.

    or maybe I am a robot.....

  3. I ALWAYS forget the robot box. Also- we just dropped $$$ on our deck and I was really nervous but AM SO GLAD now! SO worth it!

    Also - is your boss older? My parents are weird about anything at all that is different than what they see every day. And different = bad to them. It's weird to me to think that just because you wouldn't do something it is bad.

  4. I hate when people take things in a negative light when they probably don't understand it fully! Grr! Thanks for linking up.

  5. I hate when people taking things in a negative light when they probably don't know much about it! Grr. Thanks for linking up.

  6. Ughhhhh like why do people have to be so damn judgy about every damn thing we do anymore?!?!?!??!?! So you maybe have a weird dark side....does it make you a bad person. NOOOOOO. It just means you have a personality. Good lord that crap makes me angry. I raged about people in a different rant on my post today. And dont get me started on those robot boxes.

  7. I would have totally gone off about the whole "dark side" comment. I hate when people are judgmental about what we do outside the workplace. I will cosplay if I want to!!!! (I'm a lover of all things cosplay) Also I hate the robot boxes...I get the reason for them...but most of the time they just frustrate me!

  8. Oh man, that's too bad about your boss. It's just a little makeup and for an event! I think it looks cool.

    and I always forget about the robot thing too, grr!

  9. Haha you're meme's at the bottom always make me laugh, plus George Carlin for the win! And we've all been there, I read everyone's posts but sometimes I'm either too lazy to comment or just really don't have anything productive to say...those are bad excuses but there're mine lol