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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

A three day weekend has come and gone - but, I have to admit, I am honestly not glad that I had work today. I know, I must be ill in the head to say such things, but, I really actually wanted to come in today.

I have a fair amount of work to get done this week, and I think I got enough rest in this weekend to hold me over for 4 days. You know what I mean?

Friday Evening

Friday we got out of work at 2:30p - and boy oh boy was Emry ready to leave my office. He loves being there, but there is only so quiet (and well behaved) any little boy can manage. When we got home, hubby met us there, and I was able to get the grocery shopping done before heading out to the B4G class. I have mixed emotions about this past weeks B4G.

The first emotion is happy, because a my friend Helen came to speak about her Fit2Fight classes, and I love that her message really fit in well with the B4G group.

The second emotion is sad, because I connected with a woman there - and I truly feel connected to her and the situation she is in - So much so, that I am writing a whole post on it. Come back on Thursday, for my thoughts and reflections on "Doreen".

The third emotion is tired - There is only 3-4 weeks left to this program, and I really truly feel ready for it to be over. I don't mind helping, but, I got roped into 2hrs of volunteer work on a Friday night, when I really thought I was going to be there for an 1hr tops.

I got home a little late from this - because I drove Doreen and her son home - and my hubs and I curled up together. Sometimes all you need is a good cuddle to make yourself feel centered, am I right?


Saturday was sort of a laid back errand running day. I got my hair done in the morning, while Klay took care of the mowing. I came home and cleaned the bathroom, and the kitchen floor - because hubby did the vacuuming the night before. I ran out to grab $1.99 subs from Quik Check for lunch, because $1.99 subs? Duh! 

This is where the day got a little weird. We were supposed to go out with Samantha (my hair girl) and her hubby (My hubs doppleganger) for movie and drinks - so I called for a sitter. Before we went out with them, we were supposed to take Emry to the petting zoo across town with some friends.

However, this was derailed when Lissa called me, after having a really trying and awful day. She needed to vent - and offered to buy dinner - and completely understood if I already had plans. But, she really needed someone "normal" (our type of normal) to just let it out too. So, I told the petting zoo crew that we had to decline. And I was really planning on making the movie/drinks later that night. 

I got back from the vent session at 9p. I realized at this point the sitter never got back to me. So, I had to text Samantha that I had just came home, and it didn't look like we could make it. Sighs - adulting is hard work.

Klay and I opted for a night of TV watching - more cuddling - and peaceful sleep.


Sunday was really a busy day - Klay wanted to finish the weed wacking - and tend to the hops that he was growing in the backyard. My father came home with a new "friend" (read: girlfiend - re-read: so weird that my dad casually dates) and it turned into a spur of the moment BBQ. I had already planned on using the BBQ to make us (premade by the grocery store) steak kabobs with corn - However, the new galpal is a vegeterian, who eats fish (and chicken sometimes) - so my dad and she went to our local grocery store to pick up some Salmon. This means I had to clean the grill, because it was the first time of the season we've used it, and it was GRIMY looking. And find ways to stretch the other aspects of my meal - So, I made a huge salad - salad fixes everything. All in all we had a nice time, and this made the day go rather quick. However, throughout the whole day, probably due to the insta-stress and heat, I had a migraine. A little one, a functional one - however by 8p, it was not functional, and I was on the couch with my prescription and a bottle of water. I listened to Good Eats in the background - and slept on the couch, praying for the migraine to break.


Woke up with the same migraine from the night before. Extremely dehydrated - so I got done the things I had to get done. Feed the Moose, give her the NSAID for her pain, get food for the week in the crock pot, and then I died on the couch. Bottle of water, my pillow from my bed, and my stuffed penguin. In the dark living room I watched (listened to very quietly) the Scream Movie Trilogy, because - comfort and stupidity - duh.

I managed to break the migraine mid way through the day - and was able to sit up, take a shower, and even make hot dogs for dinner. I mean, living the dream, right? Haha - migraines are no fun. The whole family spent the rest of the day binge watching episodes of House. 

Notice how I never specified running or exercise the entire weekend. That's right. It didn't happen. The bruises on my legs from Wednesdays Hapkido are still pretty serious, and I forced myself to run this morning - leading to me practically collapsing when I got home. They are just bruises - but DEEP deep purple raised bruises. My leg is okay now, but, this is the major reason why I have a love/hate relationship with Hapkido. I love what I learn, but I hate the pain after training. I have to put my foot down and tell Master Mike this.

At work today - and need to get started on the mini piles around my desk.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Sometimes a girl just needs to vent with a like minded friend, that was sweet of you to be there even though you had plans. I remember when my dad was dating, it is SO weird. He is married again now so we dont have random girls to meet...but I never forgot the weird feeling. Hope those migraines stay away. Have a great week!