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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday Thoughts of Intolerance and Ranting

Well - This week has been a running every other day sort of thing - not because I do not want to run, but because life has really gotten in the way. Sunday was due to the poor decision making from Saturday - Tuesday was due to waking up way too late -  And today was due to last nights very aggressive Hapkido class. I have found bruises in places I wasn't sure could bruise. Tylenol is not cutting it - and I am sitting on a heating pad.

Consider me: 

I have 3 or 4 things that I have to get done today - but, I am not in the mood to do them. But, I will probably push through - and then die under my desk. Today is a read a book in the comfiest pajamas you own kind of day. I would be so content if I could just curl up with a book for the rest of the day.

We had to wake Emry up at 6:30am so he could get ready to leave for his 2nd Grade trip to the Bronx Zoo - They wanted the kids at the school at 7:30am, so that the bus could depart at 7:45am. Waking up our son 35 minutes earlier made no one content this morning. Klay and I are sore from HPK and Emry is still in a REM cycle. This resulted in us grunting and whining at each other for the morning.  

But, it being Thursday - there is some relief with that. I mean, tomorrow isn't even a full day - that's something, right? And perhaps I can go home and just die relax after I pick up Emry from the school. The buses should return from the field trip around 5p.

I came to the realization yesterday, that I am 
1) Old
2) a Mom
3) Have no tolerance

I read something completely asinine, and began to sing: 

You know who you are as a person when you adapt a Disney song to a cursive tirade. Just saying.

But even with all of my low tolerance, my epic amount of soreness - I have made pretty decent choices with my eating. Especially given the fact that I have a box of DELICIOUS chocolate truffles from SPWF (I got 12 of them, and since Friday night, I have eaten 5 - meaning I have shown great restraint) and I also have a box of Dark Chocolate Guinness Truffles that Lissa brought me back from Ireland. Normally, the stress or the pain would lead me straight to the CRAP FOOD. And I would go DEEP. I know I'm getting back on track when this thought occurred to me, and was ignored. Little victories?

I'll leave you with this. Because it is HYSTERICAL


  1. Every day for me could be a curl up in pj's with a book kind of day!!!

  2. Girl, you have no clue how happy I am that it is Friday Eve. Even though it feels like it should have been Friday Eve like two days ago. Good job on the eating choices. Let's just hope this 3 day weekend arrives sooner than later, right???