People Just as Crazy as Me

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Uh no - Thursday Thoughts - Professionalism

I'm sorry I need to start this post of with this - because I just can't stop laughing at this.
If you are married or in a committed relationship - you will totally laugh at this too.


I mean - seriously - anyone not laughing at this? Now this is not to say that my hubs and I aren't affectionate. But, we are very far from sickening. Sorry - still giggling - cannot continue post.

*brief intermission*

Anyway, Hello Friends - It is Thursday (and it's my Friday) - We have almost made it through this week, and I say it's okay to rejoice a little early.  

Today is going to be the craziest day ever. Now this is only because work has to get in the way of me getting through my check list. Being away for the weekend means that all the cleaning and food shopping needs to be done tonight. So - here is the list:

  1. Get home and do hw with kid
  2. Make shopping list
  3. Go to Sams Club, Wal*Mart, and Price Chopper to get items on list
  4. Unpack Groceries
  5. Vacuum Upstairs
  6. Clean Bathrooms
  7. Clean Kitchen
  8. Get laundry clean and at least in the dryer
  9. Start packing for SPWF
  10. Pack Kid and Dog to go to the In-Laws
  11. Get to 8p TKD class

The term - "running like a chicken with its head cutoff" - comes to mind. Can I accomplish all of this between 5p & 745p? So that I can actually make it to #11? I don't know. Really - I am hoping that someone will offer to help with #'s 5,6, and 7 - Because then I could totally cover it.  

Yesterday, during work - One of my co-workers sends me an email - basically asking me to do her job. Can you do x,y, and z - so I don't have to do so much work. Is basically what was in the email. I had to professionally respond, and let her know that if she wants that information from my office - she can wait until that report comes out or do it herself. But in my head I was really thinking -  - - - 

This particular co-worker is notorious for pushing work off on other people so she can do online shopping or what have you. I get my work done - I purposely push through all of my work, and get things done ahead of time - so I can do this - BLOG - I mean, priorities, seriously, figure out your own job. 

Other than that - I really have this one, not very important, project to get done today... so that when I walk out this door - I can strut my stuff knowing that I am completely free of ALL WORK. 

So - I'm going to get to it - Can't wait to finish this day - so I can be like -


  1. You have lots to do, but you'll get it done - best part is yay for both of us having tomorrow off! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Hooray for three day weekends! When my to-do list gets crazy, I typically push back cleaning because one extra day of dirt won't kill anyone. #priorities

  3. Yay for three day weekends!!! I laughed so hard at the middle finger wearing a tie!!!! That is awesome!!!!

    Ughhh to do lists are so daunting, right??? I am sure you can squeeze it all in! I hope you have a fabulous weekend :)