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Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend - It's Over - Grooming

Well - Friday I was off - for Lissa's wedding, and thus a 3 day weekend. Even though most of Friday was spent running around - I still loved having a 3 day weekend.

Friday -
I got back rather late from the Ceremony Rehearsal/Dinner - so, I was really appreciative that I got to sleep in until 8am on Friday morning. I helped get Emry ready for school, and then left to do the last few errands before Lissa's wedding. I got a mani pedi, in a wonderful OPI color similar to my dress - called Eurso Euro. I picked up a card at WalMart, picked up the extra make up I needed for the day - got my hair done at 1p - and was at Lissa's house by 245p.
This is where things got a little squirrely - I think I have noted (in polite words) how useless unhelpful Lissa's MOH was. It seemed that she was jealous of how all of the attention was on Lissa. Anyway, when I got to Lissa's house, I had to help one of the other bridesmaids with her makeup - I did my makeup, and proceeded to help Lissa with EVERYTHING she needed. I didn't stop moving until the limo came to pick us all up. At one point, the flower girl didn't like her CURLY SUE hair, and decided she wanted to STRAIGHTEN IT... with the limo only 1hr away. Once it was super straight, it was realized that most of her ends were dead, and her hair was doing that awful triangle thing - - So, I jumped in and gave her a Guinevere roll, which broke up the triangular shape, giving her a softer look. Right before the limo pulled up - the MOH walks out of the bathroom with electric purple lipstick, and white eyeshadow. I'm not lying. I'm not even close to joking. SO - I told her she needed more blush, and fixed that. Oh man, oh man - did I fix that.
The limo took us up to the Stone church - and the ceremony went perfectly. The only thing was it started late (I mean isn't that a given?) - so the sun had set before we could take the outdoor pictures that Lissa wanted. But, the church provided a beautiful backdrop for the group pictures. The reception was great, although the tables were a little tightly placed - I was able to sit with some old friends, and that made me so happy. The Best Man, gave this beautiful speech -- - then the MOH opened her mouth - and I was so glad that my husband had went to the bathroom, because what she said - - - was - - - very disrespectful and worded very poorly. But, it ended quick enough, and left everyone going - - - WHAT DID SHE JUST SAY? 
We were home by 1130, and in bed by 1am - since it took a long time to take all 37 bobby pins out of my hair.
I am so happy for my friend - she looked gorgeous, and so happy.

Saturday -
Due to another MOH fail, my husband and I went back up to the Stone church to clean up and gather things from the night before. We were there a little early, so we took pictures around the outside of the church, and then cleaned up as quickly as we could. The funny thing is, we knew to bring both of our sedans... because of course - you can't fit everything into one. I love having an economy car for the gas mileage, but when it comes to having to haul, it's kind of a pain in the ass. Thus, another reason we are going to upgrade to a SUV in the near future.

We delivered the rented items back to Hobby Lobby, and then I saw a grown man, walking around in a red Power Rangers unitard. Not joking, I wish I was - I snapped this picture - and I just died laughing. Random and Epic.

A photo posted by Kateri Von Steal (@katvonsteal) on

After that we picked up Alaska at the house, and went to Klay's parents - because our baby niece was there. She got to meet Alaska for the first time, and Alaska was just so gentle with her. And baby Maggie was in aw of how large Alaska was.
We ended the day with fancy gyros, garlic beets - and never ending Netflix watching

Sunday -
I had vowed to do no housework, due to the fact I was still exhausted from Lissa's wedding, but you know how it is - there is only so much yuck you can allow. So, I compromised with my sloth, and cleaned half of the house. Hahaha. Clean freak problems, am I right?
Alaska got her summer haircut done by a mobile groomer - if you have seen the picture, she got shaved pretty close, which is the subject of mass debate. Some believe this is really bad for double coated dogs, and others just advise you to watch out for over exposure to the sun. Growing up, every summer our Pyrenees got similar haircuts, and they seemed much better in the heat. Today, it got up to 88 degrees, and even with the fans running in the house, it was still 70 stagnant degrees in the upstairs of our home. This will keep Alaska cool in the house humidity while we are at work. The groomer kept her tail all long, so she has this little girly poof, like a pseudo ponytail - it's adorable. And Alaska really seems to love it. 
We went out to lunch with our friends - and then relaxed for the rest of the night.

Here we are at Monday - it's about 8p, and I am just finishing up this post. Work was insanely crazy today, and I barely got out on time. But, since it is the evening - that means all I have to do is polish this bad boy up - maybe grab a glass of wine, and get my pajamas on.

How was your weekend?


  1. Weddings are so much fun!! Hope you had a great time!

  2. Ummm who even has electric purple lipstick, and white eyeshadow???? Yikes!!! And now I need to know what she said for her speech?!?!?! You looked super pretty :) The church grounds look amazing.

    Doesn't everyone wear power rangers attire out and about? I bet Alaska lost like 10 lbs with that fur cut. When I cut Mac's fur, I always joke that we can make one or two more of him with what comes off!