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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Goals - Getting back to Strong!

Happily Met Dear Friends!

I wish I was able to check in yesterday, and recap our wonderful weekend. However, yesterday was spent with a laptop that didn't want to work - and a water heater that needeth replacing.

Let me quickly sum up the weekend - 

Friday evening: Picking out Patio Tile (fun) - B4G (not so fun) - Grocery Shopping (took forever aka: not fun)

Saturday: All day first rehearsal at the NYRF (fun and hot) - Stopped at BBQ (fun) - Melted and died (relaxing)

Sunday: Cleaning - Cooking - More Cooking - Out for lunch - Binge watching Netflix (wonderful)

Monday: Water heater replacement (IE: shelling about a G out of our pockets - had to happen - hated every stinking minute)

Now - here we are at Tuesday. I don't know what it is like by you, however, by me it has been very cold (mid 40's upon waking) and rainy - - - miserably raining. However, I rather it get out of the way now, so that this weekend is sunny and mild. Amen to that.

I think this month is going to be filled with craziness - however, I want to look that in the face and laugh at it. I want to get back to the structured lifestyle that allowed for me to get many things done. One of those things including - exercise on the regular. I have been doing so much better! Running multiple times a week, 2-3 classes of TKD/HPK - but, it is still not what I am used to, nor is it the type of exercise I want to get used to. So - I am going to set myself some Goals for June. I am going with 6 goals, since it is the sixth month.

  • Running/Jogging each work day - for 20 minutes.
  • 3 Martial Arts Classes a Week (except for the week of testing, which will only be 2).
  • 20 minutes (minimum) of reading each day/night
  • Practice my instruments two times a week
  • Start the Pushup/Squat Challenge (picture found below)
  • Research and Prepare Healthy Meals - no more short cuts
 Now to be honest - I feel that this is kind of an overwhelming list. But, I am really getting sick and tired of feeling weak. I was feeling so strong last year at this time. And, I am not going to allow myself to get any further from that feeling. It is not about being a certain waist size anymore (even though I know that the above work will allow for that) - it is about feeling strong and capable.

Also - I want to feel enriched - I want to really dive into the reading, I had been doing so good, up until I got to the Raising Steam book. I have put that down, and the E-reader procrastination is over. Bring on the literature. My instruments sit neglected, and that isn't why I have them....

And the healthy meals thing - well - it just needs to happen. I started with that goal on May 31, when I prepped the nicest meals for the week. Check out my Instagram during the week to see each lunch/dinner choice.

  • Our Protein Choices this week are: Roasted Chicken Tenders and Broiled Salmon
    Both were prepared with dry seasonings. And the only oil used was the PAM to spray they pans they were on.
  • Our Veggie/Starch Choices are: I roasted individually Green Beans, Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato rounds. Each received their own seasonings.
  • Wild card choice: Since it is summer, I really wanted to make a pasta salad. I used eggless whole wheat noodles, broccoli rabe, red onion, cubed smoked mozzarella, and I drizzled olive oil over it. Tastes amazing.
  •  Refrigerator Staples: We have peaches, mangoes, strawberries, blueberries, Arugula, Spinach, cherry tomatoes and bell peppers. Also in the calcium/protein capacity we have eggs, cheese sticks and prepared chicken salad.
 I referenced a pushup/squat challenge above. If you know me, from time to time I look up a monthly challenge - just as something to maintain my focus. I love a good challenge. Why pushups? Because I am horrible at them - and I really need to get over the fear of them. What better way to overcome a fear, than to throw it right in your face. Right? (I'm nuts - I know) - - - And why squats, because my ASS wants to do them. Literally, it's a need. 

Here it is - Pin this! Print it out! Who wants to do this with me? Anybody? Bueller?

So - for me - June is a month for Strength, of both mind and body. 

What about you guys? What are your goals for this month? 

Strong Women


  1. I like your goal of reading for at least 20 min a night - I've gotten off track and haven't read a book in what feels like months! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I am on board the super healthy, clean eating train this month! Let's keep each other in check! :) I love your goals and I know that you are going to rock them. And anytime you are feeling unmotivated, think about that damn water heater and get your stress out! Haha!

  3. I like the way you set up this meal plan! GET IT with these goals, girl! YES!

  4. Love your goals! They're all completely doable and the way you have them broken down means it's more a matter of using your time better than anything else. Being more conscious of your minutes. I need to work on that myself.

  5. Awesome goals! you're going to kick Junes behind! :)