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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

For now - It's so long

I've been trying to write this post for days now.

And, it doesn't get any easier as I try now.

I love this blog - I love how much it has grown.
I love the friends I have made here - and the support system that comes with it.

I just can't write anymore.

I can't do much of anything as of recently....

I got hurt - fractured metatarsals - so running hasn't been happening.
The migraines came back - So focusing on the computer to type, or to work - hasn't been fun.
I'm sad - because of the above - because of other things... I'm just lost.

And - I just need to simplify.
I need to be able to work, so I am cutting the other ... distractions. Regardless of how rewarding and calming they have served in the past.

All I want to do is shut down. Just stay in bed - Depression is real - Injuries and Ailments do that.

SO - I look forward to the day when I can regroup, and make my way back here.

Please - if you want to stay in touch - add me on Instagram - and or find me on Pinterest....

And for those who want it - leave a comment below - and I'll email you my facebook name.

So - at least when I am having a better day - we can connect via those sites.

So - for now - So long, Farewell.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Faves (1-16) - Recipe Edition!

Happy Friday Everyone! This week was both crazy and slow at the same time. How is that even possible! Today I am linking up in two places! Come Join in!


This week, I wanted to share with you my 5 Favorite Recipes! These are ones that either have been shared with me through friends, bloggers, or - - well - - Pinterest (I'm addicted, and so are you, and you know it!) Favorite Dessert - Oreo Truffles
Seriously, this has to be the easiest, and tastiest dessert ever. My friend Rosalie told me about these, and I swear, I was skeptical at first. Oh boy, was my skepticism wrong! You take a whole package of Oreos (sans two, that you will use for topping), 8 ounces of Cream Cheese, and a package of melting chocolate (I prefer dark chocolate). From there, this is super easy. Place the Oreos (except for those silly two) in a gallon sized ziplock bag, and then beat the living shit out of it. Seriously, get the rolling pin and take your pent up aggression on the closed ziplock bag. The purpose is to get the oreos as finely mashed as possible. In a large mixing bowl combine Oreo dust and Cream Cheese. Once mixed thoroughly, roll them into bite sized balls onto a wax paper lined cookie sheet. Stick those bad boys in the freezer for about 45 minutes. Once they are pretty solid, take them out of their frigid jail cell and begin to dip them and coat them in the melted chocolate. Place them back onto the wax paper lined cookie sheet. Let the chocolate set - I stick them in the fridge to help with this. EAT AND ENJOY! Favorite Entree - Lime Glazed Leg of Lamb
I came across this recipe when looking for an interesting Easter Dinner. It tells you to make it on the outdoor grill - but, if you go into the comments, people make it in the crock pot, and in the oven. I, personally, made it in the oven. Preheated the oven to 400 - and cooked and basted and cooked - until the meat thermometer read 140 degrees. Once it was done, I took it out of the oven, placed the meat on a carving board and covered it with foil for 15 minutes. This brings the internal temperature of the meat up past 145 degrees - We like our lamb on the rarer side.

3. Favorite Appetizer - Tomato and Mozzarella Salad is a fresh, light, and flavorful beginning to any meal. Heck, with some Sliced Italian Bread - you can turn this into a meal if you really wanted to! This is something that was made in my house all the time. You get some fresh mozzarella (still in the water),
a couple of tomatoes, a bunch of basil, Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. Slice and Chop the first 3 ingredients, then toss in a little Olive Oil and Balsamic - Salt and Pepper to taste. SO good. SO tasty. Trust me!!!

Prosciutto, Nectarine and Fontina Panini on Rosemary Focaccia4. Favorite Lunch - Prosciutto, Nectarine, Fontina and Arugula Panini
This was one of those, "That sounds interesting, let's try it!" sandwiches. I think I was perusing the Yahoo Food page, looking for something to bring to the next department pot luck. And this just sounded so interesting, that I had to try it. I did not use Rosemary Focaccia, only because I couldn't find it! But, I did find some nice plain Focaccia bread, and I did sprinkle some dried rosemary onto the sandwich before I grilled it. OH, if you do not have a panini maker, do not fret. It you have a very large frying pan, you can make this work. Place sandwich in the frying pan (make sure you grease it really good!) and then, on top of this, take a small frying pan that will fit right over the sandwich... PUSH DOWN. Once it starts to just settle in it's smooshed state, you can either let up the pressure, or continue giving it a good pushing (Yeah, I said it!). Flip it over. Do it again. EAT IT. LOVE IT. ITS AMAZING. For the potluck, I cut them into single serving pieces. It was a BIG hit. And I have made it several times since. Because it is just that good. And total comfort food! Favorite Breakfast - Any Egg Casserole
Here's the skinny on this, As long as you have the measurements right, you can add any cheese, any veggie, any meat to an egg casserole. There are recipes that you can make it in your oven or even in the crock pot. They are usually pretty simple to make and totally a crowd pleaser! I made one for Christmas Morning, and I used Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion and Bacon! Topped with LOTS of CHEDDAR! I usually make mine in the oven. Give this a try - go to Pinterest. There is a MILLION RECIPES!

And because it's Friday - what about some food related Funnies? 

Happy Friday Friends!

Just Life: Take Two

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Recipe - Vegetable and Turkey Stew

So, before Christmas, oh heck - - - After the wedding, I stopped really preparing lots of BULK family meals. I usually would prepare one or two things a week, that we would eat off of for our lunches and dinners. It's not that I wasn't cooking, I just wasn't bulk meal prepping. Call it lazy, call it being completely off track... Call it, I was enjoying eating take out as much as possible!!!! I mean, who doesn't love their meals being prepared for them and also delivered in containers that can be discarded?

But that wasn't a good plan - - - financially. **SIGHS**

Last weekend, I decided to get back on the bulk prep meal wagon, and I made a BIG OL' POT-O-STEW!

It has been really cold, and there is nothing better than a bowl of stew or soup on a day that is cold as ice!

See, what had happened was, I really didn't plan on making this soup - not really. I went through my cupboards, our pantry and came up with these ingredients. I always seem to have canned pumpkin puree and sweet potatoes on hand. The only reason I had the butternut squash was that it looked really good when I was grocery shopping last week.

Now, most of you are looking at this and thinking that I didn't say what spices I used. I really think that the way we season food is a personal choice. What I use in my stew, may not be what you would like in yours. But, in case you are curious:

The Ground Turkey was seasoned with Smoked Paprika, Salt, Pepper, and Garlic Powder.
The Stew was seasoned with Creole Seasoning, Chipotle Chili Pepper, and I threw in a sprig of fresh Rosemary, which I removed before adding the browned meat.

If you use different seasonings - let me know! I would love a flavor variation!

This was Monday and Wednesday's lunch and Tuesday's dinner! The massive Tuperware container is quickly emptying. Which makes me really sad.

I hope that whatever I come up with for next weeks meal is JUST as TASTY!

Just Life: Take Two

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

#HastagHumpday Link up (1-13) - Hansons Method Week 2

It's time for the #HASHTAGHUMPDAY LINKUP!!!!!!!! Lauren and Laura are going into their seventh week of #HashtagHumpDay !!!!! The rules are so simple and let's put it this way: #gottoloveit

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren
I use this day for confessions, and maybe even a couple of rants...
This week, I want to chat about the 2nd Week of my Half Marathon Training!
So here we go #areyoureadyforthis week, I wrote about the negativity I have been facing with just signing up for this Half Marathon. This week it seems that people have calmed their comments, and even my co-runner seems to feel more motivated in her running. She started a week ahead of me, so she is already conquering 5 mile runs, her first one being yesterday, and she sent me an ecstatic "fuck yeah" text message last night. I was over the moon with her success! #runnerspride #runningbuddies
I did miss one run this week, and it was my long run on Sunday. However, Tuesday had the same number of miles, so I decided to just skip the run and not make it up. #couldjustbelazy








Late start, had company– but, I did walk 1.7 miles with the dog






Down by 4 was overall proud this week that I was able (for the most part) to keep up with the schedule. I ran 4 more miles than I did last week and I can remember what doing double digit runs feels like. Adhering to this schedule has allowed for me to remember how much I really do enjoy running. #icanflywithoutwings

I have to figure out how to make a 5 panel collage with my phone. Or maybe there's an app I can use, so I can show my weekly running miles in a single shot! #ifeeltechstupid am also really excited that my GPS watch is in the mail, and is just waiting to be delivered. UPS tried dropping it off last night, but there was no one there to sign for it! So hopefully tonight they will come again when one of us is home #fingerscrossed #gimmegimmegimme #soexcited
Now, I know that running on the treadmill, and using a GPS watch is sort of silly, but it is almost like the running Gods know it is coming to me, because our temperatures are going to be higher and higher every day this week. I mean, by Saturday it's going to be 42 degrees!!! I can run in that! #streetrunningbeatstreadmill #wanttousemygear #takethatwinterblast 
I am especially proud of todays run! 4 miles in 39:50, can you believe that? It felt so good to hit that 4 mile mark and still see a 30minute number. #overthemoon
The one problem was, when I was done running the dorsum of my left food started to hurt. It was a sharp ache, and it's exactly where I had that mega bruise (pseudo injury) from the TKD board break. #injuriesscareme
As I write this, I am wiggling my toes and flexing my foot - I don't feel it anymore, and the ache seemed to go away maybe 20 minutes after I felt it. SO - I just have to keep an eye on it. #sendpositivethoughts
I know that if the pain comes back, or persists that I will need to go to a orthopedic. And I am prepared to do that. #listentoyourbody The one confusing thing is, and it's not something that I have been focusing on, the scale hasn't budged since the last time I weighed myself. #confusion
Every since I started the mindset of #endfoodshamingin2015, my food choices have been 10000000 better than they were in previous months. And, I am exercising again. SO - - - what gives body?!?! Meh, I feel wonderful, so what's the big deal #weightisjustanumber #healthynotskinny

Well - that's all I got this week!

My weekly goal for this training method, is to shoot for all 5 scheduled runs this week. #crossyourfingers

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Okay I have been talking about this for a while. It's this idea I had - no more food hating in 2015. No more food hatred PERIOD.
I think for most of us, we do not hate (or shame) others about what they are eating. I think that we hate or shame ourselves. 
For instance, you have two meals in front of you:
  • Salad with Grilled Chicken and dressing on the side
  • Queso Chili Sauce over French Fries 
 Most of us will talk about how delicious both were, however - both of them will result in the following (or similar sentences):

"I had this delicious and HEALTHY salad topped with grilled chicken. They gave me the dressing on the side so I could make sure that I wasn't adding any unnecessary calories."


"I was so BADDDDD yesterday, I had these Fries that had Queso Chili sauce smothered all over them. So unhealthy, so worth it - don't judge!"

Both of these meals are shaming in different ways. One is shaming because it is truly a healthy meal, and the dressing could ruin that, even though may add extra and yummy flavor. The other is shaming basically due to nutritional deficiencies.

If both were great - why add any extra words that take away from the amazing meal?

In my mind - I don't think any one should do that anymore. If we say these things to ourselves, we may start saying them around others, who will then look at what they are eating as wrong. It becomes a bunch of people afraid to truly admit that they LOVE what they are eating.

At work - there is a couple women - who when they are seen anything other than a salad - or ordered take out - will say "I had a really rough day. I need this."

NO explanations are necessary. You are nourishing your body. Whether you are eating pizza or nachos or tofu or lentils - You are feeding yourself.

Now, don't get me wrong - Overeating is a problem. Too much of ANYTHING is a bad thing. Obesity is a National Problem, as well. I am not trying to diminish the importance of these two issues!

But, what I am trying to bring to light is the age old saying:
"You are what you eat"

This is so far from true. This is allowing us to associate food with worth, more importantly our self-worth.

I had a burger today - I am an awful person
I am not eating clean 100% - I am an awful person
I wish I was like so and so, she eats SO healthy - I am an awful person
If I ate like her, I would look like her - I hate myself.

And a lot of people do this everyday.

So, this year, I began the #endfoodshamingin2015 movement! I use this hashtag in any of my Instagram posts that are associated with food. I also will begin to use my new BUTTON (See below or on the sidebar of my blog) in future food or recipe related posts.

I used to be one of those bloggers that would give you the nutritional information for each recipe. I will not do that anymore - that is perpetuating this problem.

Hello, My name is Jillian Kateri (you can call me Kat) and I was a self food shamer.  If I ate anything other than the meals I prepared at home, or when I did over indulge on the rare occasion - I would kick myself for it - I would make myself run CRAZY 7 days a week, without break. It's no wonder that after the wedding, when I took the break, that I went COMPLETELY off the rails. My body was screaming from being over worked. It was crying from being shamed. Now, I see it, I get it. I really truly understand that this life is a JOURNEY, and being healthy is not just a DESTINATION. You can write these things, you can say them, but until you've been on one side, and then the drastic other side - you can't even comprehend how true it is.

Food is not the problem. My mindset was.
I will eat as best as I can - as often as I can.
I will eat take out -
I will make my own meals.
I will eat cheese and gravy and hot sauce and butter
But, I will also eat veggies, quinoa, coconut oil and even tofu!


I urge you all to do the same!!! Join me with this. Whether you are a food shamer in recovery or just want to help spread the message.

My hope is that every month, I will go to Instagram and search my hashtag - and FIND so many other people helping this movement grow!

Here's the button! Add it into your posts - or if you happen to take a picture of something YUMGASMIC use the hashtag #endfoodshamingin2015
Just Life: Take Two


Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Recap (1-12)

Here I am again! It's a Monday Morning - and I'm here, at work. Which is better than I did on Friday - not being at work at all. I swear the roads were treacherous, even though by noon they were fine. I think it all comes down to the DOT... if they aren't on top of it, everything else goes to poop.

I wanted to recap my weekend, which was kind of boring - - but, I promise to add a  cute puppy picture!

Friday Night -
I spent Friday night with a GIGANTIC glass of wine, and the first disc of Gilmore Girls Season 1. There is no better way to spend an evening. I swear to you. Haha! On Friday night, Klay cooked an amazing meal - he only cooks once in a while, and to be honest - the last time he cooked was 4 years ago. Seriously, when we were dating. He isn't a bad cook. He actually is pretty good! For dinner on Friday night he made Baked Chicken breasts topped with Shredded Cheddar, Smashed Red Potatoes and Steamed Green Beans. Everything was epic delicious. And it was so nice that I didn't have to cook! SCORE!!!!!

Saturday - got up early, and walked our Moose, and after that I proceeded to get my butt to the gym and get some scheduled miles in. The rest of the day was spent doing this and that - nothing of real note. I made Vegetable and Turkey stew for the week (Recipe to come later). But, we did go out to dinner! There is this amazing place called Soho Bar and Grill - and it was literally the only restaurant that didn't have a wait. We started with Mussels in Green Sauce and Klay (being an anti-seafood guy) got there cheesey pretzel bites. The pretzel bites came with this chipotle aoili, that was fantabulous. For dinner, I had 1/2 of a Pastrami Burger Bomb (Think reuben - with a burger patty). Now this was soooo good, but why only half? Well, my dad and I kind of wanted the same two things - so we split our meals. HAHAHA! He got this amazing Vegetable Curry Stir Fry - and that was SO STINKING AMAZING! Pictures of the food? Oh no, I was too busy loving every single bite!!! We watched the Patriots Game - on their projector screen. Had an amazing time, and went home SUPER FULL!

Sunday -
Sunday, I woke up early to do Moose Duty - And then I had to clean the kitchen, and quickly re-clean the house, because Emry's Grandmother was coming over. She came over around noon, with Emry's Aunt, and his little cousin. - The boys played, the grownups talked. She has recently moved closer to us, and while that is wonderful, she also alerted me that my ex is moving in with her. So, that makes going to her house and spending time difficult. **SIGHS**
But other than that we all had a nice time. After they left, we had to run to the petfood stores to try and find a LARGER bag of dog food for the moose. 15lbs of dog food lasted a week, which I knew, but, I was hoping to be able to find a 50lb bag of the same food. No such luck, had to settle with a 30lb bag - which should be 2 weeks of food - - fingers crossed. While we were out we picked up a better nail clipper for Alaska, a bright orange harness for when we go hiking, and a nice comfy dog bed. Which she refuses to lay on! But, well, maybe in time, otherwise, it will become a great pillow to lay on by the fire! See positives all around.
When we got home, I made a Taco bar for dinner, and we watched Transcendence together as a family.

And that was our weekend! As I said, It was pretty boring. But, it was just perfect.

This week keep coming back for these posts!

The official #endfoodshamingin2015 post! Hopefully with a schnazy button!

#HashtagHumpday Post, Where I'll recap my 2nd week of the Hansons Method, and other rants!

I will be sharing with you this weeks Vegetable and Turkey Stew Recipe! Don't miss it!

Friday Faves - This week, I'm going to be sharing my Favorite Recipes with you!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Favorites (1-9)

So, today, turned out to be a snow day -  even though by noon, the roads will probably be fine to navigate. This morning, the roads were awful - the people on the roads were trying to rush to work. I couldn't handle it - I turned around and came home, I felt so unsafe.

But, here I am again sharing all my Friday Favorites! This week, I wanted to share with you all of my favorite Christmas Presents! I mean, it's been a few weeks, so now I can very clearly determine what is my favorite!!! HAHAHAHA!


Christmas Present Favorites!

Over the summer, I found a clarinet for sale on a garage sale website, it was overall in really great shape, and I got it at a very good deal. I picked up a couple small pieces of sheet music, but, you know, didn't really have that much to play. This Christmas my father got me several books of sheet music. From Disney Movie Scores - to classical solos - to Broadway selections. :) I'm such a band geek!

I am a big fan of "window shopping" on - I have so many favorite items, it isn't even funny. But, Klay went through my favorite list and found a couple Steampunk items that he knew I was never going to buy. Not because of their cost, but because of their necessity. Below, is a vial of Antimatter. It is bound with a leather strap, and will really compliment any of my Steampunk Outfits. OH - behind it, you see something labeled as "Lodge". It is a DUTCH OVEN - that is suitable for the house oven AND an outdoor firepit. I am going to make so much using this! It is made of Iron, and I really really loved it!

Now, I have this very tiny (read: huge) obsession with Penguins. They are my favorite animal. And, I have really all the typical statues, I even got a cool paperweight this Christmas - I have stuffed animals, but they are all Soft, Fluffy and normal looking penguins. I opened this bag, and revealed this little guy! He was so different, and so patchwork. He's very small, so I have to think of a good place to display him, where he will be noticed, but, seriously - How simple and cool is he? Overall this Christmas indulged my inner geek. There were a couple TV Series that I wanted DVD sets of. Smallville, Gilmore Girls and House to be exact. Well, I got both Smallville and Gilmore Girls. I know, Right? It's so awesome. I can binge watch for WEEKS AND WEEKS AND WEEKS!

Aquamarine & Bronze Small Steampunk Ear CuffMy last favorite - even though, I could have showed you everything I got - was this ear cuff. Another one of those Favorite finds. This is a very unique design, and I feel that I could dress it up, or just wear it to wear it. It doesn't cut off the access to either of the holes in my ear... and well, It's something I have been looking at for a really long time.
Well, that's it really - but, it wouldn't be a Friday without some Funnies!

  Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a "cool" mom... errrr? 

Okay, I'll be the first one to admit it - - I am 100% not the "cool mom".
I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I have always had to work full-time, and be completely on top of a schedule. This wasn't really a problem, until Emry started first grade. that's when the serious homework started. Now, if you don't have children, you can laugh at me. What kind of serious homework could first graders have? Well - put it this way - it was at least an hour of homework a night - then towards the middle of the year, they started to do two tests a week - with no notice, and with no paperwork coming home to study, only these brief study guides 2 days before the test. It has gotten worse with second grade, and on some nights we are doing almost 2 hours of homework and review a night. They expect way too much of our children at a young age. However, I digress, that is not the point of this post - - - I'll save that rant for a later date.

Okay - so when this happened, our schedule went from being manageable - - - to kind of tight. Add in the 2-3 nights a week we are in karate (even before Klay and I started), and it became heavy. Any free moment I had during the week was spent cleaning, or cooking, or food shopping. On the weekends, free time was filled with, "Oh shit, I have to run this errand that I forgot to squeeze in on Thursday" - And at the end of those days - - - I was too exhausted to even look at my child without feeling like I was going to keel over.

That sounds awful doesn't it? Let me write it again:
WITHOUT FEELING LIKE I WAS GOING TO KEEL OVER feel like an awful mother because of that statement. I do everything, so that my son has a life worthy of him. I work hard, Klay works hard. But - - Isn't my son also worthy of a life that not only has the provider mom, but the mom that also can be fun? I haven't really added much about Klay in here. Klay works just as hard as I do - helps out around the house in a way that is very uncharacteristic of a man - and takes Emry hiking whenever physically possible (which Emry loves). There is this free time for them - usually when I am struggling to get the last two or three things done. And - - - This weekend, it finally occurred to me - I'm pretty sure I haven't sat down and played a game or did something not school related with my son - - since the summer.

There is something seriously wrong with that. This occurred to me, after a long Sunday filled with errands - and with my son continually reminding me that I promised that we would go to Toys'R'Us together (just the two of us) - so he could use one of his gift cards he received from Christmas. I snapped at him, "I know, you don't need to keep reminding me!" I yelled, it was wrong of me - and I knew it was when he replied:

"I just don't want you to forget 
because you're too busy 
doing the important stuff"

I, instantly froze, in terror - - in sadness. It was like being hit in the head with a big metal baseball bat named "MORON!" - My son feels like spending time together isn't "important stuff". I looked at what I was doing, and in that split second it went from being an essential element to finish - to - what the heck am I doing this for? I can't even express how awful I felt inside. slipped my boots on, and my coat. Emry watched me.
I grabbed his boots, his coat and then I handed them to him. "Please put these on."
He looked so confused - "Why Mama?"
"Because going out together and having fun is 'important stuff'"

He still looked confused, probably because the quick change in my emotional state, but complied.
We got in my car, and I took the 10 minute drive to T'R'U. I proceeded to spend the next hour walking through the store with him, as he decided exactly what he was going to buy with his $25 gift card. It's one of the really amazing things about my son - he isn't a spontaneous shopper. He walks through the entire store, and finds what will give him the most bang for his buck. And sometimes, it means coming back at a later date after he has a little more money (or I do) to buy the cool thing. Also: this is the reason why we have over 800 tickets to redeem at Chuck E. Cheese. Because, nothing cool in the gift section is available until OVER 1,000 tickets. And that is totally his decision.

He chose a video game, but it was a pretty decent racing game - that had different challenges instead of just races. I thought it was a good pick. It was between that game and the Trouble board game... It was a very long thinking period - I assure you. And I'm pretty sure it will probably be the next thing we get - - the next time we step foot in a store that sells it. came home, and he just wanted to play it. So, I let him get the grip of it - I quickly took a shower, and I went downstairs - - - Covered both of our laps with a blanket, and played for an hour. And we laughed. And we actually were having a nice time. And, I didn't keel over from doing it.

SO - That is why I have been brainstorming different ideas - that I can do - on a weekly basis, that will show Emry that, sometimes, I can be the fun mom... maybe not the cool mom - but certainly that I am capable of having fun with him. 

I also am trying to make a list of ideas that don't cost a red cent. Because, I do not always want him to see having fun with me, as a spending money time. There has to be things in the house we can do.

  • We have Board Games - we SHOULD break those out more often.
  • I could take interest in his Lionel Train stuff - - - no matter how it bores me.
  • We could build with his legos - even though the little pieces make me want to die.
  • Puzzles - He loves puzzles - and we have at least 5 we haven't done.
  • Video Games - because, why the heck not. 
  • Hiking
  • Baking - we normally have most of the ingredients to make cookies in the house.
  • Cooking - he really wants me to teach him how to cook. 
  • Nerf - maybe when it gets warmer we can do it outside?

I find it hard to connect with him, because, I'm not a boy - I like to sit and read - - - I could color for hours if he would - - but he hates to color. I almost wish he was into GI Joe dolls, or even something with characters... I could really get into that too.

Maybe this is why my dad and I didn't really connect when I was little. My dad was an awesome dad, don't get me wrong - - - but he was the worker bee (it's where I get it from), and on the weekends he was always the one struggling to get chores and errands done. Sound familiar? And when there was down time (very rarely) - - what could he really talk to me about? I remember when I was five or six - he would read to me every night before I went to bed... this lasted maybe a month. But, it was totally my favorite thing, so much so, I can still remember the books he read me to this day. We really didn't connect until my early twenties. I don't want that for Emry and I.

I want to start making real connections NOW.

So, what are your thoughts?
Do you have any ideas?

Life - is always about finding the balance.
And sometimes when you find the balance in one aspect of your life, you are throwing off something different. I hope the next time I throw something off track though - that I see it earlier, so that I can start fixing it sooner.



Happy Thursday Friends!